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Will a Healthy Lifestyle Help You Be Healthy

Will a Healthy Lifestyle Help You Be Healthy

It’s considered pretty cool to be athletic now. Going on an extreme fitness tour, mastering difficult jumps on a trampoline, conquering a climbing wall, even running a marathon – all this seems quite real and possible if you just want to! But when you set yourself big or small sports goals, don’t forget about the medical side of a healthy lifestyle.

“If you want physical activity to bring you a benefit and positive emotions, you should really begin with getting the ok from your doctor. Especially if it has been a while since you have been physically active. Or even better – with a check-up at the clinic,” says Joannah Braham our Move with Women Program Exercise Physiologist.

Need a reason to start implementing exercise in your life?

  • Exercise has been shown to improve your mood and decrease feelings of depression, anxiety and stress)
  • Help you lose extra weight
  • Exercise or active lifestyle can increase your overall energy levels
  • It can reduce your risk of chronic disease. Lack of regular physical activity is a primary cause of chronic disease
  • It can help skin health. Exercise can stimulate blood flow and induce skin staying younger for longer.

Need more reasons? Keep reading!

Choosing an exercise?

Being new to exercise and sport could be incredibly intimidating so doing some research or asking friends about their exercise routine might reduce some stress and mystery around the topic.

Why do some people easily lose weight by doing yoga three times a week, but do not lose weight at all with aerobic exercise? Why do some easily run 10 kilometres, while others are exhausted already in the third minute of training? And why does your friend eat everything and not get better, and you have every bite miraculously deposited in the waist area? Much of these differences are due to genes.

Why is a check-up needed?

First, a check-up will help you determine your propensity for certain sports, discover your baseline level of fitness, strength, flexibility, and even assess the risks of various injuries. For example, “it may turn out that your strength is much higher than normal, but your endurance is rather mediocre. In this case, short intense loads are good for you, but long workouts straight off the bat (for example, 2-hour yoga or long-distance running) might be something you need to build up to doing gradually over time, if that is your desired goal,” says Joannah Braham our Move with Women Program Exercise Physiologist.

A good place to start is walking, you could try implementing short walks into your daily life and you will be able to see the difference after two weeks of going for 15-20 minute walk daily.

Another good choice is to make a list of activities that you would like to try and sign up for a trial class, this tip has an added bonus! In most places, the first/ introductory class is either free or significantly cheaper! Like the Free Move with Women 9 Week Program as an example.

Start your happier and healthier life today by adding light exercise to YOUR LIFE!

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