Rochelle, Age 23

Move with Women Participant

Do you have any health conditions (optional)?

How would you describe your fitness level when you joined the program?
Below average. Since finishing my university degree last year, I haven’t been as active as I no longer walk around campus each day. Plus the Coronavirus lockdowns made it difficult to be motivated.

What appealed to you about the Move with Women program?
It was a new program that I could go to with my mum, as we encourage each other. It is a ladies only supportive group where there isn’t any pressure and we can work together through exercise.

How often did you exercise before the program and what type of exercise did you do?
Because of Covid and lockdowns, I wasn’t very active. Last year, I went to the gym on campus so this year I definitely felt a decline in my activity.

What do you like best about the Move with Women program?
I love that we are a ladies-only group where our qualified trainer motivates us through various circuits and exercise. No two sessions are ever the same. The trainer encourages us to achieve things we didn’t think were possible.

What is one positive change that you think you will make as a result of participating in the Move with Women program?
I’ve become more aware of my health and I will ensure that I exercise each day, even if it’s just walking.

How do you like to connect or spend time with the people you care about?
I love to go out with my Mum and my Nanna. We go dress shopping and out to dine at restaurants. My girl squad and I go out for brunch, clubbing, drives and for the occasional bush walks. I also enjoy utilising social media to connect with those I care about.

Any other feedback?


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