Jodie, Age 52

Move with Women Participant

Do you have any health conditions (optional)?
I have recently been diagnosed with hypermobility disorder which means that I experience pain and clicking joints, especially in my knees.

How would you describe your fitness level when you joined the program?
Before I joined this program my fitness levels were low. Apart from working in an active profession as an Early Childhood Teacher, the only exercise I took during the week was short walks around my local neighborhood.

What appealed to you about the Move with Women program?
Firstly, it was the opportunity to be involved in a pilot program with Women where I knew I would feel more comfortable. I had just started to visit the hydrotherapy pool to walk and exercise in the water.

How often did you exercise before the program and what type of exercise did you do?
Only short walks around my local neighborhood.

What do you like best about the Move with Women program?
Exercising with a great bunch of women of varied ages. Jo, exercise physiologist who conducts the program and learning how to use the gym equipment along with learning ways of exercising without equipment eg. boxing

What is one positive change that you think you will make as a result of participating in the Move with Women program?
For me, I think most importantly it is the confidence to use a gym now. Since I have started the program I have been to the hydrotherapy pool three times a week and walking on the alternate days and I can feel the difference in my joints and am experiencing less pain. I think this program inspired me to move and proved to me I could achieve far more than I thought I could.

How do you like to connect or spend time with the people you care about?
Usually catching up with friends and family involves a meal. Coming into summer, this may mean meeting at the pool or beach for a swim.


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