Alana, Age 32

Move with Women Participant

Do you have any health conditions (optional)?
Recently had a baby

How would you describe your fitness level when you joined the program?
Not great, I have recently had a baby so felt like I had lost my fitness during pregnancy.

What appealed to you about the Move with Women program?
I liked the fact it was all women and a small group class so you can get to know the other people that you are exercising with. After being at home with a baby all day it’s nice to be around adults and have a chat.

How often did you exercise before the program and what type of exercise did you do?
I was walking 2-3 times per week or whenever I could. I barely ever used a gym.

What do you like best about the Move with Women program?
I feel I got more than I signed up for, I was expecting a simple training program and I now have some great friends that I catch up with regularly. The exercises were tailored to meet my needs and I didn’t have to do anything that felt uncomfortable for me or my body, I felt very well looked after and supported.

What is one positive change that you think you will make as a result of participating in the Move with Women program?
I have now joined a gym with one of the other participants and we exercise 2-3 times a week. I feel so much more confident to get out and about and spend time at the gym now that I know how to use the equipment and that they aren’t all scary haha.

How do you like to connect or spend time with the people you care about?
I enjoy going for walks or having coffee or a meal with friends and family.

Any other feedback?
Thank you to the Move with Women program for giving me the boost of motivation I needed to get back on track with my fitness goals.


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