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Living a Healthy Lifestyle May Not Be What You Think

Living a Healthy Lifestyle May Not Be What You Think

Living a healthy lifestyle often means something different for each of us. Some of us may think of it as  living a life free of disease while for others, healthy is being able to look after and play with our children or grandchildren or, even taking on a weekly FREE exercise class like Move With Women.  Even though the definition of healthy may be different between people, living a healthy lifestyle is an essential part of achieving the best version of you, mentally and physically.

It’s alright to want comfort food too because it’s just sooo –comforting right? Not every part of every meal, every day needs to be logged into your nutrition app. It’s normal to want to eat something just for the sake of eating it and to not always feel inspired to move, especially during these chilly winter days. Move With Women Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Jo Braham says, “when we start to accept that as normal while remaining mindful, our choices will change and become easier to do. Once our choices change, our habits will change. Small changes over time work best. Why not ask yourself each day, ‘What can I do today that will better my health with everything else that is going on right now?’ You’ll be much happier living a life of balance, whilst still digging into the occasional hamburger too. Over time these choices will lead to the results you have really been craving.”

If you are looking for a little guidance and motivation to kick start your healthier lifestyle, then we have just the thing to get you on track or… back on track! We have discovered some amazing comfort food recipes that are actually really good for you and will help you beat those warm food cravings in the best way. We know it’s near impossible to find a recipe that emulates that cherished favourite takeaway, yet we have discovered a succulent vegetarian spring roll and more recipes that are just too hard to beat!

Get started with some popular and healthy comfort food recipes that are bound to warm those winter chills and satisfy those cravings by following this link.

Our Move With Women participants often ask how many kilojoules they should be taking in daily and, we are excited to share the method our Move With Women, Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Jo Braham suggests is likely to work for you too.

“Knowing exactly how many calories you should be consuming with food and beverages every day can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. I often recommend our participants use this daily kilojoule intake guide. There is also a video, sample case studies on how many kilojoules you should be eating and, information on how that actually looks when converted to the food you eat which all our participants find really helpful,” suggests Jo.

Many of us look for interesting and enjoyable ways we can be active without realising we are actually burning off those unwanted calories. It’s a curious fact that we look for easy ways to work hard, not realising we are putting effort into an activity or exercise seems to work for most of us, right?   “that’s why exercising with a friend will make any activity more fun and, you will be more motivated to stick with it because a little fun competition can make both of you push harder and achieve goals you never thought possible. We see these results in our Free Move With Women group classes all the time,” says Jo. So, if you are ready to get moving you can’t go past these healthy activities you can do with your ‘besties’ Read more For more handy tips, recipes and motivation join our Free 9 Week Move With Women Group Exercise Classes for Women and follow us on Facebook and Instagram


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